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Latest news

We're looking for a talented PhD student! The application deadline is April 23, read more here.

We welcome Rakesh Kumar as a new post doc in the group!

Marufa successfully defended her master thesis and has now left the group. Well done!

Read our invited paper in Frontiers in Chemistry: "Structure-reactivity analysis of novel hypervalent iodine reagents in S-vinylation of thiols". Well done Sayad & the other co-authors!

Berit has been appointed as the Deputy Director of the recently created center SUCCeSS (Stockholm University Center for Circular and Sustainable Systems).

We welcome Judith Braunreuther back to the group for a master project this spring.

Congratulations Ester, for securing a post doc position in Prof. Keary Engle's group at Scripps!

Berit is now the President of the international ESOC committee.

Read our most recent paper in Angew. Chemie! The Synthesis of Complex Diarylamines through a Ring-Opening Difunctionalization Strategy - well done Erika!

Berit has been elected to the Advisory Board of the high impact journal Chem (Cell press)! See the SU announcement for more details.

The International Conference in Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry, ICHIC 7, was held at Stockholm university in June. The meeting was a great success! Some photos available on Twitter at #ICHIC7, and a short report by the Swedish Chemical Society!

Interesting links

Don't miss the Twitter feed Hypervalent Iodine (@Hyperiodine), which provides fast access to all publications on hypervalent iodine chemistry.