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    Leonard Benjamin
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  Shobhan Bhaskar Sayad
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    Miguel Judith

Judith Braunreuther

Judith is an Erasmus student, who does a practical master project in the spring 2023. She's working with Leonard on diaryliodonium salt synthesis.

Email: jubr7037(at)
Phone: +46-8-162204


Benjamin Gunschera

Benjamin did his master at Philipps-University Marburg, Germany, and joined our group for a PhD in September 2022.

He will investigate arylation reactions together with Shobhan.

Email: benjamin.gunschera(at)
Phone: 46-8-162923


Miguel de Vries Ibanez

Miguel is a master student at Stockholm University, and did a 3 month internship in the group over summer. He's now doing a 45 ETCS master project supervised by Sayad.

Email: mide4780(at)
Phone: +46-8-162204

Sayad Doobary

Sayad did a PhD in electrochemistry combined with hypervalent iodine chemistry with Prof. Alastair Lennox at the University of Bristol.

He joined our group for a post doc funded by Carl Trygger Foundation, November 2021-October 2023.

He will investigate VBX reactions together with Ester.

Email: sayad.doobary(at)
Phone: 46-8-162923

Leonard Kersting

Leonard was an Erasmus student from Marburg University, Germany who did a project in our gorup in spring 2020. He worked on N-arylations, supervised by Gabriella. The project resulted in a paper!

He came back to the group to start a PhD in September 2021.

Email: Leonard.Kersting(at)
Phone: +46-8-162204


Check out publications from Leonard's projects.

Kumar Bhaskar Pal

Bhaskar did his PhD with Prof. Mukhopadhyay at IISER-Kolkta, India. He then performed post doctoral studies first with Prof. Ulf Nilsson at Lund University, Sweden and then with Prof. Xue-Wie Liu at Naynang Technological University, Singapore.

He joined our group for a third post doc in April 2021, supported by the WennerGren Foundation. Bhaskar will investigate VBX reactions together with Ester.

Email: bhaskar.pal(at)
Phone: 46-8-162923

Shobhan Mondal

Shobhan did his PhD with Prof. Frank Glorius at the Westfälische Wilhelms - Universität Munster, Germany.

He joined our group as a post doc in March 2021, supported by the Olle Engkvist Byggmästare Foundation. Shobhan will investigate diarylation reactions together with Erika.

Email: shobhan.mondal(at)
Phone: +46-8-162204


Erika Linde

Erika did her Master thesis in the group 2018/2019, supervised by Gabbi. She started her PhD studies in April 2019, continuing on the same project.

Phone: +46-8-162204


Check out publications from Erika's projects.

Ester Maria Di Tommaso

Ester has a Master degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Parma. She started her PhD in the group in October 2018, and works on both experimental an theoretical projects.

Email: ester.tommaso(at)
Phone: +46-8-162923

Check out publications from Ester's projects.