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Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh started a two-year post doc in the group in March 2024, funded by WennerGren Foundations. He did his PhD with Prof. Upendra Sharma in India, and a post doc with Prof. Marcin Stepien in Poland.

Email: rakesh.kumarat)
Phone: +46-8-162923

Judith Braunreuther

Judith did an Erasmus erasmus echange in the group in spring 2023, and returned for a master project January - June 2024. She's supervised by Sayad.

Email: jubr7037(at)
Phone: +46-8-162923

Henrik Hupatz

Henrik is a shared post doc with the group of Anneli Kruve, funded through a a SUCCeSS collaboration project.

Henrik is developing machine learning tools to enable sustainable design of derivatization reagents for pesticides

Email: henrik.hupatz(at)

Benjamin Gunschera

Benjamin did his master at Philipps-University Marburg, Germany, and joined our group for a PhD in September 2022.

He will investigate arylation reactions together with Shobhan.

Email: benjamin.gunschera(at)
Phone: 46-8-162923



Sayad Doobary

Sayad did a PhD in electrochemistry combined with hypervalent iodine chemistry with Prof. Alastair Lennox at the University of Bristol.

He joined our group for a post doc funded by Carl Trygger Foundation, November 2021-October 2023.

He will investigate VBX reactions together with Ester.

Email: sayad.doobary(at)
Phone: 46-8-162923

Leonard Kersting

Leonard was an Erasmus student from Marburg University, Germany who did a project in our gorup in spring 2020. He worked on N-arylations, supervised by Gabriella. The project resulted in a paper!

He came back to the group to start a PhD in September 2021.

Email: Leonard.Kersting(at)
Phone: +46-8-162204

Check out publications from Leonard's projects.