The Olofsson Research Group


PhD Course

Hot Topics in Organic Chemistry

A series of intensive courses for PhD students, post docs and industry
7.5 hp, spring 2010.

Part I. Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry

Coordinator: Berit Olofsson
At Stockholm University, Arrhenius Laboratory, Magnéli Hall
February 15-16th
Detailed schedule available here.

Part II. Medicinal & Process Chemistry

Coordinator: Per Arvidsson
At AstraZeneca Södertälje
March 23rd
Detailed schedule available here.

Part III. Artificial Photosynthesis & Heterocyclic Chemistry

Coordinators: Björn Åkermark & Jan Bergman
At Stockholm University and KTH
April 27-28th
Detailed schedule available here.

Part IV. Enzyme Catalysis in Organic Chemistry

Coordinators: Jan-Erling Bäckvall & Per Berglund
At Stockholm University
May 5-6th
Detailed schedule available here.

The course topics have been selected to cover interesting areas of organic chemistry that are generally not discussed in advanced synthetic organic courses.

Participants can choose which course parts to attend. Register by email to Berit Olofsson (, deadline February 5th. For attendance only to later parts of the series, it is possible to register directly to that coordinator.

For students who want the 7.5 hp, all course parts are compulsory. There will be no exam, instead compulsory workshops and hand in questions are provided in each course part.

Program as pdf-file.