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Latest news

Berit has been awarded Arrheniusplaketten, read the award motivation here! The medal will be recieved at a lecture December 6.

Erika's STAR Protocol, which describes the diarylation method in detail, has been published!

Erika has joined Varinder Aggarwal's group at Bristol University for a 3 month PhD exchange.

The synthesis of cyclic and acyclic ortho-aryloxy diaryliodonium salts for chemoselective functionalizations is now published in Chem. Eur J., congrats Erika & Niels!

Ester has joined Daniele Leonori's group in Aachen for a 3 month PhD exchange.

We welcome Benjamin Gunschera as a new PhD student in the group!

Our mechanistic study of VBX reactions: "Explaining Regio-Divergent Vinylations with Vinylbenziodoxolones", is now published in Angewandte Chemie. Congratulations Ester!

Conferences summer 2022:

We welcome Miguel de Vries Ibanez for a 3 month internship in the group!

Interesting links

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Have a look at JoVe videos on organic chemistry.

Don't miss the Twitter feed Hypervalent Iodine (@Hyperiodine), which provides fast access to all publications on hypervalent iodine chemistry.

Enjoy the Periodic Videos at TedEd - one film about each element in the periodic table.