The PGA Research Group

Xu Quan

My research is focused on enantioselective iridium catalyzed hydrogenation/ hydrogen transfer reactions, which is divided into two main parts: development of new iridium catalysts and their evaluations in asymmetric hydrogenation and hydrogen transfer reactions.

1) Development of the chiral bicyclic-phosphine iridium catalysts.
New bicyclic pyridine-phosphine ligands were prepared and their iridium complexes were evaluated in asymmetric hydrogenation of tri-substituted olefins with non-coordinating and weak-coordinating groups.


2) Preparation of synthetically useful chiral compounds via iridium catalyzed   asymmetric hydrogenation.
For example, asymmetric hydrogenation of α, β- conjugated esters, acid and lactones were investigated using Ir-catalyst with full conversions and high enantioselectivities.


3) Currently, I am working on the development of new NHC, P- iridium complexes and their applications on C-C bond and C-N bond formation via hydrogen transfer reactions.



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