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Catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation using hydrogen gas is one of the best methods to induce chirality in prochiral compounds due to high enantioselectivity and atom-economy.(1-3) For the past two decades, the Andersson group has gained experience in the field of iridium-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation. During this period, novel N,P-ligands were developed and applied in the hydrogenation of various classes of substrates, including challenging aliphatic- and tetrasubstituted olefins.(4-10) Recent developed protocols include advances in regioselective hydrogenation of dienes, synthesis of chiral fluorine motifs and dynamic kinetic resolution of allylic alcohols.(11-13)

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Current interests lay in:

  • Methodology development using Ir-N,P catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation, such as;
    • Enantioconvergent hydrogenation where both E- and Z-olefins lead to the same absolute configuration of the product.
    • (Dynamic) kinetic resolution of various classes of functionalized olefins.
    • Synthesis of chiral fluorine scaffolds.
  • Application of developed methodology in total synthesis. (see more info here)


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