The PGA Research Group

Project Work

Projects will fall under the following categories:

1. Total synthesis of natural products

The synthesis of Remikiren and Polycavernoside A are projects that are currently ongoing.

We are looking forward to tackling compounds such as Imperanene and Tolterodine, using the iridium chemistry developed in the group.

2. Iridium catalysed asymmetric hydrogenation

The development of new N,P-chelated iridium complexes and their evaluation in asymmetric hydrogenation of tri-substituted olefins. Our group has a very strong track record in this field and our catalysts are considered to be among the best in world for these reactions.

3. Iridium catalysed asymmetric isomerisation

Application of the iridium-N,P complexes that have been developed in the group for asymmetric isomerization of allylic alcohols. The aim of this project will be development of highly enantioselective isomerization of both E- and Z-tri-substituted primary allylic alcohols to the corresponding chiral aldehydes.

4. Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Reductive amination and catalytic alkylation of amines with alcohols are reactions with significant usefulness. We have developed an iridium complex with a bidentate NHC–phosphine ligand that is an efficient catalyst for the N-alkylation of anilines with alcohols and can be carried out at room temperature. In this reaction, water is the only by-product, making it both atom- economical and environmentally friendly. Also, the replacement of toxic alkylating agents with readily available alcohols makes this a greener route for amine synthesis.

Possible new projects would be to extend this methodology to include other reactions including carbon-carbon bond formations.