The Olofsson Research Group


10th Symposium on Iodine Science (SIS)

Chiba, Japan November 2007

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Dinner with the speakers - Profs Quideau, Zhdankin, Ochiai, me and Kaiho.
Japaneese specialities served in a private room; we even got to cook ourselves!

Profs Ochiai, Kitamura, Kita, Wirth, me, Quideau & Zhdankin at the conference reception. Spontaneous speeches were demanded from the invited speakers...
Evening out with the speakers -Profs Quideau, me, Kita, Wirth, Zhdankin and Kaiho. Traditional sake bar with various japaneese snacks.
The conference ended with lunch at a sushi restaurant - delicious!

Visit to Prof. Kita's group at Osaka University after the conference; Prof. Zhdankin gave a lecture. Then dinner at a private club with Prof. Kita's Associate Profs and secretary - delicious food again!

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