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Group Pictures

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September 2014:
Alexandra, Erik, Marcus, Elin, Christin, Joel, Chandan, Berit
August 2014:
Berit, Marcus, Joel, Christin, Elin, Chandan

July 2014 at ICHIC 2014 in Japan:
Vittorio, Chandan, Joel, Berit, Erik, Elin, Sebastian

May 2014:
Visit from the past... Most of the group + some Alumni at BBQ
Leti, Tue, Elin, Joel, Ellie, Berit, Erik, Marien, Chandan

March 2014:
Berit, Erik, Joel, Raju, Elin, Francesco, Vittorio

January 2014:
Erik, Janne, Elin, Berit, Joel, Francesco, Vittorio, Raju

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