Age: 39 (18/07/1971)

Nationality: Swedish

Civil status: Married


Website: n/a (under construction)

Address: Organic Chemistry

                Arrhenius Laboratory

                Stockholm University

                106 91 Stockholm, Sweden


Phone:     +46-(0)8-6747263

Fax:         +46-(0)8-154908

Mobile:    +46-(0)70-4954381


Timofei Privalov – Docent (Associate Professor), PhD


Current position


Researcher (Forskare) at Stockholm University (SU).

Jan 2010 - …


Docent title obtained in Feb 2010 at SU.


Previous positions


Temporary researcher at SU: Jan 2008 – Dec 2009.


Activities: theory/modeling-based research in areas relevant for catalysis and solar energy conversion in molecular photo-electrochemical systems; supervision of Ph.D. student(s); teaching.


Assistant Professor (Forskarassistent) at KTH: Jan 2003 – Dec 2007.


Activities: quantum chemistry-based research in the area of catalytic hydrogen transfer; co-supervision of joint experiment-theory research projects carried out by Ph.D. students; teaching.


Post Doc


Actinide Theoretical Chemistry (Prof. U. Wahlgren), Fysikum, SU: July 2001 – Dec 2002.

Topic: quantum chemical investigation of chemical properties of heavy element-complexes.





June 2001

Thesis title: Theoretical investigation of x-ray Raman scattering of molecules and solids (Prof. Hans Ågren, KTH)




June 1993

Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia. Majors: quantum theory and applied methods, computational methods, linear and nonlinear spectroscopy, atomic physics.


Former graduate students


Jonas Nyhlen, “Theoretical modeling of metal- and anzyme-catalyzed transformations”, SU, May 2010.




PhD students

Erik Karlsson

Jan 2008 - …

assistant supervisor (modeling)

Anders Frölander

2003 - 2007

assistant supervisor (modeling)

Takashi Toraishi


assistant supervisor (modeling)





Post Docs

Wiktor Zierkiewicz

(financed by CTS)

June 2004-May 2005

project leader



Tutoring experience


2008 -    : Guest lector in the course Molecular Chemistry (Molekylär Kemi, JK 080312 SU)


2004 - 2007: For four autumn periods I’ve been entirely responsible for the course Organic Chemistry, part I (Organisk Kemi 1, KD1090 a. k. a. 3B1750, KTH) from planning of teaching activities till the final examination of students. I’ve obtained successful experience in course planning, designing of all learning activities and course material, lecturing, examinations and course evaluation, as well as communications with students regarding course improvements.


2004 - 2007: For four autumn/spring periods I’ve been an assistant in the course Molecular Structure (Molekylär Struktur, Fysikalisk Kemi, KTH) including laboratory workshops in computational modeling and IR spectroscopy. I took part in the course evaluations and re-designs and I also took part in keeping course material up to date.


2003 - 2006: Guest lector in the course Advanced Organic Chemistry, part II (Organisk Kemi fortsättningskurs 2, KTH)




Funding Agency


Co- applicant(s)


Swedish Research Council

T. Privalov


2008 - 2009

Carl Tryggers Foundation

T. Privalov


one year

K & A Wallenberg


Swedish Network for Solar Cells and Solar Fuels


ongoing from

July 2006














Citation report [according to ISI Web of Knowledge as of November 8, 2010]

Number of publications in peer-review scientific journals: 52

Sum of the Times Cited: 617

Average Citations per Item: 12.10

Average Citations per Year: 36.29

h-index: 14

citation in each year


Examination committee experience


2009: (PhD), Sergey Gavrilyuk, KTH.

2008: (PhD), Johan Henriksson, LiU.

2007: (PhD), Sergey Polyutov, KTH.

2007: (PhD), Cornel Oprea, KTH

2005: (PhD), Oscar Rubio-Pons, KTH.


I’ve also been appointed as a member of 3 Licentiate examination boards during the period 2003 - 2009.


Referee/Reviewer experience


Journal of the American Chemical Society; Inorganic Chemistry; Journal of Physical Chemistry; Central European Journal of Chemistry, Proceeding of the National Academy of Science, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical;