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Dr. Timofei Privalov

Docent in Quantum Chemistry


Organic Chemistry

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In the group of Timofei Privalov (TP), the general area of interest is the mechanism of catalysis of hydrogen transfer, oxidation and hydrogenation reactions, including transition metal and main-group catalysts. Specific interests are enantioselective processes and catalysts that are compatible with enzymes ( for the purpose of dynamic kinetic resolution). TP is also directing research with regard to catalysis of water oxidation and redox chemistry in Grätzel solar cells; these topics could be incorporated into the research programme upon interest.


Popular Summary


Interested in what our research is all about? My goal is to advance the knowledge of catalyzed transformations of chemical bonds by means of theoretical (quantum) chemistry. My objective is to improve the understanding of the mechanism of chemical donor-acceptor processes, including Lewis acid-base cooperation, with regard to: a) catalysis of the hydrogen transfer by metal-free compounds; b) main-group based methodologies for “storage” of molecular hydrogen; c) environmentally benign catalytic processes for, but not limited to, the formation of enantiomerically pure compounds; d) catalysis of water oxidation by organometallic complexes; e) chemical donor-acceptor processes in dye-sensitized solar cells (Grätzel cells).


Chemical donor-acceptor phenomena, Lewis acid-base cooperation in particular, are attracting much increased attention not merely out of “chemical curiosity” but because their applications have potential of expanding the horizon of chemical catalysis. A better understanding of the mechanism of chemical transformations via donor-acceptor processes is therefore of significant value.


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