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Here you will find information about the research interests of the group, past and present members, openings for Ph.D. and post-doctoral positions.

2020 Publications

1. Peters, B.B.C.; Jongcharoenkamol, J.; Krajangsri, S.; Andersson, P. G. "Highly Enantioselectie Iridium-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Conjugated Trisubstituted Enones" Accepted Manuscript.

2. Wu, H.; Margarita C.; Jongcharoenkamol, J.; Nolan, M.; Singh, T.; Andersson, P. G. "Kinetic Resolution of Racemic Allylic Alcohols via IridiumCatalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation: Scope, Synthetic Applications and Insight into the Origin of Selectivity" Accepted Manuscript. Open Access

3. Ponra, S.; Yang, J.; Wu, H.; Rabten, W.; Andersson, P. G. "Asymmetric synthesis of 1,2-fluorohydrin: Iridium catalyzed hydrogenation of fluorinated allylic alcohol" Chemical Science, 2020, 11, 11189. Open Access

4. Quan, X.; Kerdphon, S.; Peters, B.B.C.; Rujirawanich, J.; Krajangsri, S.; Jongcharoenkamol, J.; Andersson, P. G. "Cationic NHC-Phosphine Iridium Complexes: Highly Active Catalysts for Base-Free Hydrogenation of Ketones" Chemistry - European Journal 2020, 26, 13311-13316. Open Access

5. Massaro, L.; Zheng, J.; Margarita, C.; Andersson, P. G. "Enantioconvergent and enantiodivergent catalytic hydrogenation of isomeric olefins" Chemical Society Reviews 2020, 49, 2504-2522. Open Access

2019 Publications

1. Zheng, J.; Jongcharoenkamol, J.; Peters, B. B. C.; Guhl, J.; Ponra, S.; Ahlquist M. S. G.; Andersson, P. G. "Iridium-Catalysed Enantioselective Deoxygenation of Racemic Alcohols via Asymmetric Hydrogenation" Nature Catalysis 2019, 2, 10931100.

2. Massaro, L.; Yang, J.; Krajangsri, S.; Silvi, E.; Singh, T.; Andersson, P. G. "Stereodivergent Synthesis of Trisubstituted Enamides: Direct Access to Both Pure Geometrical Isomers" Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019, 84, 21, 13540-13548

3. Kerdphon, S.; Ponra, S.; Yang, J.; Wu, H.; Eriksson, L.; Andersson, P. G. "Diastereo- And Enantioselective Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Succinate, Butyrolactone, and Trifluoromethyl Derivatives by Iridium-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Tetrasubstituted Olefins" ACS Catalysis 2019, 97, 6169-6176

4. Ponra, S.; Yang, J.; Kerdphon, S.; Andersson, P. G. "Asymmetric Synthesis of Alkyl Fluorides: Hydrogenation of Fluorinated Olefins" Angewandte Chemie Int. Edition 2019, 58, 9282–9287

5. Krajangsri, S; Wu, H.; Liu, J.; Singh, T.; Andersson, P. G. "Tandem Peterson olefination and chemoselective asymmetric hydrogenation of β-hydroxy silanes" Chemical Science, 2019, 10, 3649-3653.

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