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PhD position in ‘Selective Catalysis and Organic Synthesis’ available

PhD position in ‘Selective Catalysis and Organic Synthesis’ available.

We are looking for a motivated, talented and hard-working candidate to join our group as a PhD student.

Our group is focusing on various aspects of catalysis, method development and synthesis applications. Please check our recent publications for general research interests and current projects.

All applications must be submitted through the Stockholm University application portal before the 5th of November. More information and instructions can be found here.

Candidates are encouraged to motivate their interest in joining our group, and to upload relevant documentation of skills and achievements.


Our laboratory is currently working on the development of new selective transformations in organic synthesis. Our research interests involve catalysis with transition metals and Lewis acids based on metals and main group elements. Our main objective is to access new selective methods for substrate activation and to apply this knowledge for the synthesis of heterocyclic targets.



Stockholm University
Department of Organic Chemistry
Arrhenius Laboratory
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Telephone: +46 8 162483
Telefax: +46 8 154908


Visiting address:
Svante Arrhenius Väg 16C
Floor 5, Room A531