Congratulations to Maxim that receives the prestigious royal award:


Samec’s group receives a grant from Swedish Energy Agency!


Professors Sievers and Medford from Georgia Tech, USA visited our department and research group.


Hongji Li from Prof. Feng Wang’s group from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China leaves us for going home to China, we will miss you!


Maria Dolores Marquez from Prof. Rafael Luque’s group from Cordoba University, Spain leaves us for going back to Spain, we will miss you too!


Congratulations to Ivan for our first Bark paper:


Joseph gives three talks at the ACS in New Orleans:
Green gasoline and road diesel from black liquor in three steps

Catalytic C-O bond cleavage in non-derivatized alcohols

Lignin first approach using a continious flow system


Joseph gives a talk in Thessaloniki at the LignoVal COST meeting:
Lignin first in a continuous flow


Joseph hosts Stockholm University Sustainability Forum and the workshop “Framtidens kol, en möjlighet för Sverige” together with Therese Uddenfeldt (writer), Mikael Höök (UU), Bitte Hammargren (Utrikespolitiska institutet), Åse Bergstedt (Nordea) Sören Eriksson (Preem), Jan Wintzell (Sveaskog), and Mats Odell (RenFuel, politiker), Naghmeh Nasiritousi (SU).


Joseph visits Paris to participate in the SSUCHY meeting


Congratulations Thanya, Sunisa and Supaporn:


Congratulations to Maxim on winning the poster prize of RSC twitter conference:


Joseph visits Kochi, in India, to participate in the B4T conferences and gives the lecture entitled “Biomass fractionation in a continuous flow”

Sunisa gets invited to illustrate a cover picture to her article (länka till

We welcome Maria Dolores Márquez from Prof. Luque’s research group at University of Cordoba, Spain for a three months exchange stay.


Joseph Moran gives the lecture “Catalysis in Complex Mixtures: From Synthetic Methods to the Origin of Life” at SU.


Anon Bunrit successfully defends his thesis entitled “Direct Catalytic Nucleophilic Substitution of Non-Derivatized Alcohols”


The academic research group visits RenFuel’s pilot, Nordic Papers pulp mill, and RISE:s Lignoboost plant in Bäckhammar.


Hongji Li (PhD student) from Prof. Feng Wang’s group at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China joins our group for a 6 months exchange


Phakinee Khunsirikulwanit (“Dream”) and Jasmine Ingboon (“Jazz”) from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, joins our group for a one semester internship, in collaboration with Prof. Duangamol Nuntasri


Joseph visits France to initiate collaboration in the SSUCHY project. This EU granted project involves several European universities and industries.


Joseph is featured in Dagens Industri commenting on renewables.


Anon Bunrit nails his PhD thesis


Anon Bunrit gives the presentation at the ACS conference in Boston entitled “H3PO2-catalyzed intramolecular stereospecific nucleophilic substitution of the hydroxyl group in stereogenic alcohols”.

Joseph gives the presentation at the ACS conference in Boston entitled “Fe(OTf)3-catalyzed intramolecular stereospecific substitution of stereogenic alcohols”.

Pemikar Srifa “Cherry” successfully defends her thesis entitled “Computational Studies on catalytic C-O bond activation” and officially moves from Uppsala university to join Stockholm university.