Diploma work at the candidate and master levels are available. Please, enquire.

ERASMUS exchange and Internships are possible to carry out in our laboratory. Please, enquire.

Application(s) for Ph.D. position (graduate student) may be available during fall 2018. Please, enquire.

'Bioorganic chemistry: Glycan structure and carbohydrate-protein interactions studied by NMR spectroscopy and computational chemistry'.

'Bioorganisk kemi: Struktur hos glykaner och kolhydrat-protein interaktioner studerade med hjälp av NMR spektroskopi och beräkningskemi'.


'Bioorganic chemistry: Synthesis of carbohydrates, glycoconjugates and enzyme inhibitors; ligand-protein interactions studied by NMR spectroscopy'.

'Bioorganisk kemi: Syntes av kolhydrater, glykokonjugat och enzyminhibitorer samt ligand-protein interaktioner studerade med hjälp av NMR spektroskopi'.

Contact: Prof. Göran Widmalm goran.widmalm@su.se

Phone: +46 8 16 37 42

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