3D-CFG PyMOL plugin

Pymol plugin for 3D-CFG visualization of glycans.

Download plugin

Installation instructions:

  1. Download plugin
  2. Open PyMOL
  3. PluginManage PluginsInstall…
  4. Select the downloaded file (3dcfg.py) and press “Open”
  5. Restart PyMOL
  6. Plugin should now be available from PluginCreate 3D-CFG representation

Glycan synthesis, structure, and dynamics: A selection.
R. Pendrill, K. H. M. Jonsson and G. Widmalm.
Pure Appl. Chem. 2013, 85, 1759-1770.
DOI: 10.1351/PAC-CON-12-10-17

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