1st China - Sweden Symposium on
Catalysis and Materials

Aug 19 - 20 2019
Magnéli Hall, Arrhenius Laboratory
Stockholm University

Scientific Program:

List of speakers from China:

Professor Yongjun Chen, Vice director of Chemistry Department, National Natural Science
Foundation of China (NSFC)
Professor Jinpei Cheng (Physical organic chemistry: bond energy methodology, substituent
effect on free radicals, physiological function of NO, uniform reactivity scale of ylide, mechanism
of NADH coenzyme model, origin of organocatalytic selectivity), CAS academician, Formal Vice
president of Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST), Tsinghua University
Professor Benzhong Tang (Exploration of polymer synthesis methodology, development of
advanced functional materials and study of aggregation-induced emission), CAS academician,
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Professor Yongqiang Tu (Total synthesis of natural products), CAS academician, Lanzhou University
& Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Professor Qian Zhang (Novel strategies for C-N bond construction; asymmetric reductive
cross-coupling; chemistry of strained molecules), Northeast Normal University
Professor Jianbo Wang (Catalytic metal carbene transformations), Peking University
Professor Ning Jiao (Aerobic oxidation & oxygenation; nitrogenation; halogenation; small
molecules activation), Peking University
Professor Kuiling Ding (Asymmetric catalysis and green chemistry), CAS academician,
Executive Vice President of SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Professor Jihong Yu (Rational synthesis and application of zeolitic nanoporous materials in
energy, environment and other emerging fields), CAS academician, Jilin University
Professor Zhangjie Shi (Inert bond activation and transformation), Fudan University
Professor Wei Wang (Organic material chemistry, self-assembly chemistry, physical organic
chemistry), Lanzhou University
Professor Xiaoming Feng (Design of new chiral ligand and organocatalyst, metal-mediated
catalysis, organocatalysis, and total synthesis of optically active pharmaceuticals),
CAS academician, Sichuan University

List of speakers from Sweden:

Professor Jan-Erling Bäckvall (Organometallic transformations, homogeneous and
heterogeneous catalysis, DKR, biomimetic oxidation), Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of
Sciences, Former Scientific Chair Professor, Department of Organic Chemistry, SU
Professor Belén Martín-Matute (Organometallic chemistry, homogeneous and heterogeneous
catalysis), Department of Organic Chemistry, SU
Professor Jiayin Yuan (Porous carbon membranes), KAW Academy Fellow, Department of
Materials and Environmental Chemistry, MMK, SU
Professor Joseph Samec (Lignin valorization, catalysis), Department of Organic Chemistry, SU
Professor Nicklas Selander (Catalysis, radical transformations), Department of Organic
Chemistry, SU
Professor Kálmán Szabó (Organoboron and organofluorine chemistry, homogeneous
catalysis), Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Department of Organic
Chemistry, SU
Professor Licheng Sun (Artificial photosynthesis, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts
for water splitting, solar fuels and solar cells), Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of
Engineering Sciences (IVA), Distinguished Professor of the Swedish Research Council
(VR Rådsprofessor), Department of Chemistry, KTH
Professor Mats Johnsson (Electrocatalysis), Department of Materials and Environmental
Chemistry, MMK, SU
Professor Pher G. Andersson (Asymmetric catalysis, hydrogenation, homogeneous catalysis),
Scientific Chair Professor, Department of Organic Chemistry, SU

Welcome to Stockholm and Sweden!

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Conference Venue:

The CSSCM is held at Stockholm University Campus in the Magneli Hall, Arrhenius Laboratory. The
Campus is easily reachable by subway or busses from the city center. The subway station
"Universitetet" and is served by the red line northbound from the city center. From the subway
station, you can reach the Magneli Hall in a few minutes, see map:

Attending the CSSCM:

The CSSCM is open for interested PhD students, postdocs, and faculty members free of charge. A
limited number of seats are available. Please send an email, including your full name and affiliation,
to CSSCM2019@organ.su.se if you want to attend. Coffee is served to all attendees during the
Wi-Fi codes are available to speakers upon request.

Stockholm Information:

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