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Latest news

Sarko has begun his summer job in the gorup. Welcome!

Berit has been awarded the "Lindbomska reward" by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Laura & Ester participated with a poster at Trends in Organic Chemistry: Base metal catalysis in Lund.

David Bulfield has started his post doc in the group, welcome!

Ester delivered a delicious crumble for the group meeting & long lasting cake competition.

Erika has begun doctoral studies in the group after successfully defending her Master thesis.

The cover page for our asymmetric acylations with Weinreb amides has been published in ChemSusChem, nice work Serena!

Berit gave an invited lecture in Uppsala January 24th, at the Minisymposium to celebrate the 2018 Ulla & Stig Holmquist Science Prize in Organic Chemistry.

The Patai book on Hypervalent Halogen Chemistry, which Berit is one of the Editors of, finally has all the chapters published online, including our own chapter on Arylations. Congratulations Piret!

Interesting links

We look forward to the next ICHIC meeting, which will take place in Moscow in 2020.

Have a look at JoVe videos on organic chemistry.

Don't miss the Twitter feed Hypervalent Iodine (@Hyperiodine), which provides fast access to all publications on hypervalent iodine chemistry.

Enjoy the Periodic Videos at TedEd - one film about each element in the periodic table.

Kolla in Kemikalendern för att lära dig mer om kemiska processer i vardagen!