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Latest news

Erik successfully defended his thesis May12th, with Kilian Muniz as opponent. Congratulations!

Elin nailed her thesis, which means that it's only 3 weeks left...
Elin will defend June 2nd at 10.00, with Zoltan Novak as opponent. Novak will give a research seminar June 1st at 14.00.

Both Nibadita & Melanie joined the cake competition!

We welcome Yuvraj Satkar, who has joined the group for a 3 months PhD exchange period.

Erik has nailed his thesis, congratulations! Only 3 weeks left to the defence...

We welcome Melanie Walther, who has joined the group as an Erasmus student.

We welcome Guru Ramani, who has joined the group on a post doctoral Fellowship from WennerGren Foundations.

Interesting links

Save the date for the next Trends in Organic Chemistry Symposium (free of charge):
Photocatalysis in organic synthesis November 6th, Gothenburg (including hypervalent iodine).

Don't miss the Twitter feed Hypervalent Iodine (@Hyperiodine), which provides fast access to all publications on hypervalent iodine chemistry.

Watch the Chemical imbalance film to learn more about the important gender equality issue!

Enjoy the Periodic Videos at TedEd - one film about each element in the periodic table.

Kolla in Kemikalendern för att lära dig mer om kemiska processer i vardagen!